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  • How much does it cost?
    What is your health worth to you? By the time you count dining out, happy hours, groceries, etc., you’ll find that you actually spend less on the Ideal Protein diet and it becomes cost neutral. Our plan includes: Initial consultation and Health Assessment. We check the following: InBody Composition analysis to check body fat percentage and lean mass composition (this occurs on a weekly basis) One month of vitamins 10 day supply of Ideal Protein food Ideal Shaker and Ideal Salt Personal weight loss coach with weekly weigh-ins and measurements Ongoing costs include: Ideal Protein food: pre-packaged products available at an average of $5.00 per meal or packet Multi-Vitamin, Calcium Magnesium, Omega 3 and Potassium supplements replenished monthly
  • What can I eat?
    All clients begin with Phase 1 of the plan, which outlines a precise weight loss roadmap that you'll follow. Ideal Protein does the work for you - all you have to do is follow the plan! During the first phase, foods that contain carbohydrates or complex sugars are restricted. Don’t worry – you don’t have to figure it all out yourself. After your introduction to the diet, you will receive a complete list of approved protein, vegetables, and FDA approved Ideal Protein products for each phase. You’ll replace fatty carbs and sugars with the high quality Ideal Protein food products offered by our clinic. You can eat things like soups, puddings, brownies, shakes, soy nuts, and much more! A typical Phase 1 dinner meal would include two cups of select vegetables and a 4-6 once serving of protein from one of the following: fish, seafood, beef, poultry, or pork. Breakfast, lunch and snack will be an ideal protein food and 2 cups of select vegetables at lunch time. In later phases of the protocol, restricted foods slowly become reintroduced as clients apply their newfound knowledge on how to maintain weight, cravings, and continue a healthy attitude towards food. Eventually, when you’re off the diet completely, you’ll be able to eat whatever you’d like, but you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to make healthier choices and good food combinations. Learn more about the different Ideal Protein phases.
  • Can I do the diet with health issues?
    Our protocol is safe for almost everyone. However, those with dysfunctional liver or kidneys should refrain. Also, Type I diabetics should only do the Alternative Protocol and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should only use the Ideal Protein’s protein foods to supplement their diet. As with any diet, consult your physician first, especially if you suffer from current health issues.
  • Are there any side effects?
    For the first few days, like with any diet, a change in the eating routine may create feelings of discomfort and hunger. For those with previous diets high in processed foods and sweets, you may experience "withdrawal symptoms" and initial cravings. When this happens, your Ideal Protein Coach is just a phone call away to offer tips and techniques to get through the rough times.
  • Can I do the diet if I have dietary restrictions?
    Our protocol can accommodate those with lactose, gluten, and soy allergies. We can slo accommodate vegetarians, but unfortunately our protocol is not compatible with vegans. As a good rule, always consult with your doctor before beginning a restrictive diet. All IP clients are asked to complete a Health Profile, so if you have dietary restrictions, discuss them with your coach during this time. Our clinic will provide an Alternative Plan to accommodate restrictions and specific nutrition needs.
  • What happens when the diet is over?
    This is the best part of the diet! During the course of the plan participants gain a wealth of knowledge on how the body burns fat for fuel, therefore changing their relationship with food forever. Successful participants leave the protocol armed with the tools and "know how" to maintain a healthy weight. As we slowly reintroduce restricted foods back into your diet, you are equipped with the knowledge to make healthy choices.
  • What is Ketosis?
    Ketosis just refers to the state of metabolism the body is in when it is using fat as the primary energy source. As an example, our bodies experience a bit of ketosis every night when we sleep, when the body fasts and blood sugar drops. Our protocol keeps the client in this state where the body is using its stored energy (fat) as the primary fuel source. We teach you everything you need to know to safely move from phase to phase of the diet.
  • Is the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method considered a high, medium, or low calorie diet?
    The Ideal Protein Protocol would be considered a medium to low calorie diet. The Alternative Plan, for clients with special dietary needs or restrictions, incorporates additional foods and would be considered a medium calorie diet. The Ideal Protein plan offers a balance of quantity proteins, vitamins, and minerals required to ensure the body is functioning properly.
  • Do I have to exercise on this diet?
    No, in the first three weeks of Phase 1, exercise is NOT recommended while the body is adjusting to the new metabolic process (using fat for energy). Cardio and intense exercise is not recommended as it may cause muscle loss. After the first 3 weeks, you may exercise, but keep in mind: don't get overly tired, stay on your supplements and stay hydrated. If you must exercise, a low impact exercise, such as yoga, is recommended.
  • How long is the program?
    There is no magic number. You set your weight loss goal along with your coach, and the rest is up to you. The Ideal Protein Diet is not a long term diet and duration will be based on your personal weight loss goal. Our clinic caters the diet to you, because you don't have the same pounds to lose as someone else. As we work with you, things like age, family circumstance, and health status affect the treatment and it's length.
  • How do I get started?
    We hope you found these Ideal Protein FAQ's helpful! You've already taken the first step by doing the research - now make it a personal journey. Start by reaching out to us and we would be happy to answer more of your questions. Or, just register for a FREE weight loss workshop. This informative session will reveal why you gain weight and what it takes to get it under control. Network and converse with clients, coaches, and medical professionals who can answer all your questions. Be prepared for a life changing event. What are you waiting for? Start now!

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Whatever your dieting history is, it's in the past! Starting today, you can stop letting your past dictate your future, because our weight loss program offers dieters what they really want: a structured plan that offers an end to yo-yo dieting. Visit our Ideal Protein clinic in McLean, VA to get your weight loss journey started.

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